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Want to turn your beautiful design into a reality? We use only the newest printing technology. You can expect your newsletters to be nothing less than outstanding. With vibrant colors and a professional look, you will attract homeowners’ attention and get the leads you want.

A fee of $9.99 is charged for all custom upload files. All uploaded files need to go through a quality control process including a review of the format, correcting any issues, and prepping the file for print readiness. This ensures your file will be printed as expected.


Here are 5 tips to consider before uploading your newsletter design:

1. Check the Resolution: For printed materials, a high-resolution design is important to ensure that the images and text are sharp and clear. A resolution of at least 300 dpi is recommended.

2. Review Layout Styles: Before uploading your design, consider your newsletter's content and choose a layout that will best suit your message. A good layout can help make your newsletter more effective and engaging.

3. Keep Your Branding Consistent: 
Your newsletter should reflect your brand and maintain consistency with other marketing materials you use. Make sure to use your brand colors, fonts, and logos throughout to keep your newsletter consistent with your brand.

4. Write Compelling Headlines: 
Successful newsletters have delineated sections and segments that draw a reader's eye. One way to achieve this is through catchy and attention-grabbing headlines.

5. Include Clear Calls to Action: 
Encourage your readers to take action by emphasizing clear calls to action in your newsletter. These could be anything from asking them to visit your website to invite them to an open house event.