We embrace the benefits of cooperating with one another

Corefact collaborates with a range of printing and technology partners in areas strategic to our business. Together we deliver a superior product that provides real value to our customers.


With the world’s leading enterprise for business process and document management company as our technology and equipment partner, we can provide world class print quality with rapid turnaround in an environmentally friendly way.

Integration with the Benutech real estate prospecting software tool, ReboGateway, gives Corefact customers easy access to data that pinpoints homeowners most likely to sell within a geographic area based on certain public life events.

Integration with PropertyRadar gives Corefact customers, who are also PropertyRadar subscribers, direct access to their Corefact account from PropertyRadar which lets them very specifically target homeowners based on criteria including location, value, equity, lender, owner-occupancy, property type, purchase date and nearly a hundred more. For PropertyRadar subscribers who do significant mailing, the additional cost for doing large exports is waived when exporting to Corefact for the purpose of direct mail marketing.